Rhodes a new kitesurfing paradise

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Rhodes is a beautiful Island in the east of Greece and really close to Fethiye (Turkey). It also happens to be an island that is hit by the Meltemi wind from Mid-May to Mid-September making Rhodes a perfect spot for kitesurfing.

People kitesurfing on the beach of Rhodes
People kitesurfing on the beach of Rhodes

From the 4th to 14th of August of 2018 I traveled to this island with three friends. We are all in our early-30s and really adventure and sport driven.

We stayed at the hotel “Delfini”  which is just in front of one of the many kite beaches and hosts the Meltemi Kiteclub. The prices for that time of the year were just right. We paid 80€ per person per night including breakfast and dinner.

Having the Meltemi Kiteclub just inside the hotel makes it really convenient to store our kite equipment for which we paid 70€ for two weeks . One of us that didn’t have his own equipment, rented it directly from the school for one week for 300€ and included 2 rescues. 

This makes me think: is it still worth it to own your own equipment? 

This Hotel is no Hilton but the atmosphere is incredibly good. Almost every guest in the hotel is a kitesurfer and because the hotel has a wide beach to kitesurf makes it a perfect alternative for those looking for a less crowded place in the summer than Tarifa. Every night we would gather around a long table and have dinner together. As a vegetarian, I didn’t have a problem finding good food. If you are vegan be prepared to shop often at the local supermarket.

Our mornings started by doing Yoga on our own on the grass of the hotel to prepare ourselves for the day’s kite session and of course the awaited breakfast we had with the other guests. We often played with a friendly dog who passed by everyday on the beach.

Brushing my teeth in the Delfini Hotel
Brushing my teeth in the Delfini Hotel


Dog Chasing a stone on the beach
Dog Chasing a stone on the beach

The Meltemi Kiteclub did a fabulous job organizing weekly dinners outside for everyone taking classes or just using their storage. That meant putting together a group of twenty people! This by the way, is a great way to meet people if you are traveling alone.

The hotel also offers a superb landscape to watch the milky way at night. With the right photo settings you can easily get a picture like this:

Milky View seen from the Delfini Hotel
Milky View seen from the Delfini Hotel

We also happened to be there during the week in which one of the instructors had his birthday and this creative idea of celebrating it on the beach with everyone dressed in costumes.. while kiting! Watching everyone in costumes and kiting on the water was incredibly funny!

Kitesurfer dressed as the Zorro in Rhodes
Kitesurfer dressed as the Zorro in Rhodes
People chilling on the beach in Rhodes
People on the beach in Rhodes


The beach is great for kitesurfing – wind is reliable and the weather couldn’t be much better. If you are looking for a spot to learn kitesurfingavoid crowded beaches and stay in the water longer, this is for you. There also many downwind possibilities around the area. If you are a really social person you might miss a little bit of action/activities during the night. For me Tarifa is, and will always be, the best spot for kitesurfing as it offers numerous things to do other than kiting (whale watching, mountain biking, going out for dinner to different places, the night life,…) but Rhodes is a great alternative if you are looking for a reliable spot and good wind!

Some insights: 

  • If you want to get in contact directly with the hotel just write an email to Laura: (delfinif@otenet.gr). She speaks pretty good English and will be happy to help.
  • The spot is great. You can kite and see Turkey just at the other end of the horizon. The Meltemi is one of the most reliable winds during the summer and Rhodes has an easily accessible airport during the summer too.
  • Even when booking storage with Meltemi Kiteclub: you get two boat rescues included in the price!
  • Renting a scooter is a good way to move around the island. You can book it directly in the Delfini Hotel though the price for a rental car is almost the same.
  • If you want to book storage make it in advance by contacting Marc directly. Otherwise the storage options might be full once you get there!

If you have been to Rhodes before and are looking for other alternatives make sure to check the following post about Tarifa!

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